The Problem: Insecure Vote Counts

Election integrity is the essence of democracy.  However in most precincts, ballots are counted with insecure machines and methods, without meaningful observation by citizens or candidates. This means your vote could be changed after-the-fact by an opponent, hacker, or corrupt official.

There are many ways to manipulate election results, such as flipping votes on electronic voting machines, manipulating votes on the central tabulating computers, or purging voters from the voter rolls.

The Solution: Verifiable Vote Counts

The public must be able to trust election results. Fortunately there are ways to prevent tampering and provide accurate counts.

These include paper ballots, citizen poll watchers, observable post election audits, and publicly countable digital ballot images.


Watch This May 2018 

Redacted Tonight Episode!

Lee Camp interviews Clean Count Cook County president and national election integrity specialist

Lora Chamberlain about huge holes in our voting system going into the 2018 November elections 

Scroll to 20 minutes into this Utube video to hear NY Times Pulitzer Prize winning journalist 

Chris Hedges interview NYU 

Professor media Studies Mark Crispin Miller

about how our democracy has been subverted and undermined by power elites through computerized election fraud.  Two of the nations top intellects expose the corruption in our election system through serial election theft.

WATCH this comedic take on Election Fraud in Chicago! 

In March 2016, Clean Count Cook County citizen election monitors discovered the Chicago Board of Elections conducting an unlawful 5% audit.  The citizen election monitors went to the Chicago Board of Elections to report their findings.  

Lee Camp, a comedian, had a LOT to say about the irregularities uncovered!   

Check it out - this video went VIRAL with over 120,000 hits and counting!! 

And across the Country..... 

Lee Camp hits the issue of Election Fraud again, showing that not much has changed since the debacle of the 2016 elections.  (watch up to 17:20)

This is why we need more eyes on our elections now.  Please sign up to to become a citizen volunteer here today!

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