Our Project

First Phase



Clean Count Cook County is presently negotiating with the election division of the Clerk of Cook County to create an expanded citizen election verification project for the March and November 2018 elections . This will involve

  • Having citizen poll watchers during Early Voting and on Election Day in many locations, followed by participation in the auditing of the votes in Suburban Cook County. 

  • Currently recruiting volunteers, (they must be registered to vote in Illinois), who would consider devoting 1 day to participate in poll watching or audit monitoring. 

  • Operating several locations for training volunteers lasting approximately 3 hours. Volunteers will be able to choose the day(s) and location(s) to participate. Click Here to volunteer!

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Second Phase


We are currently conferring with the Chicago Board of Elections to enact reforms for greater transparency in our voting systems. We will be expanding this section to post specific details as they emerge.  


We will also be posting lobbying information about election integrity legislation in Springfield - please check back soon!