Computer Election Theft

There is a deep and spreading distrust of the computer-based systems of vote tabulation in the United States, and a rapidly growing concern that electronic vote fraud can easily go completely undetected.   Forensic Election Analyst Jonathan Simon, the author of Code Red reveals how our computerized voting system has been frighteningly vulnerable to corruption ever since it began in 2002.  He lays out the case of how entire elections on both state and federal level have been regularly stolen using undetectable electronic vote rigging and how the red shift in every competitive election has consistently shifted vote counts to the right of every baseline and exit poll measure.  If you want to know a critical part of why so many of our elected officials are out of sync with their constituents listen to what Simon has to say in the video below!

Take Back the Vote!

Watch Jonathan Simon's impassioned introduction to Code Red.  Will America continue to succumb to "fascism by fraud" in 2018 and 2020 through computerized, privatized and secretive vote manipulation in our unobservable elections systems?  When we will address this rot at the most foundational core of our democracy?  For so long hand counted paper ballot voting in the Germany, Ireland, Canada, Norway,  Netherlands and England has successfully provided transparent, clean elections, deterring fraud at its very source.  How can it be that we in America have not recognized the critical importance of this?  

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WHAT is CODE RED about?

When we vote we are not allowed to look inside any, touch screen voting machine, memory card, or optical scanner - Not the public, the candidates, not even the government or elected administrators.  All of these are STRICTLY corporate property!

CODE RED lays out the case that election fraud has been occurring via the targeting and manipulation of computerized voting equipment across America.

CODE RED is about election fraud and how it has impacted American politics since the computers took over the vote counting. It is a compelling call to action, about saving our democracy and our country. Now, before it is all gone.

Praise for Code Red

"Jonathan Simon’s CODE RED is unique, easy-to-understand, and vastly important."


       - Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project

"As a professional statistician, I found CODE RED’s data, analysis, and conclusions compelling.”


       - Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson, Wichita State University


"Jonathan Simon’s research is thorough and his case is more than compelling … He has provided an important public service."

       John Zogby, founder of The Zogby Poll

"Johnathan writes in a clear, completing, dramatic style, as befits his passion for the truth"


       - Richard Charnin, author of Matrix of Deceit