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Thanks For Volunteering with Clean Count Cook County! 

  • David Orr, the Clerk of Cook County, has given us a golden opportunity to hand count 5% of the votes in 2-3 of the closest races in Suburban Cook County. But we need your help to get this done - sign up today and share this email with your contacts, thanks!

  • Watch These Short Training Videos

  • Click On The Doodle Planning Calendars Where You Can Volunteer For Specific Days

  • Let Us Know You Are Coming On Facebook Event Pages Where You Can Arrange Car Pooling 



Thanks for volunteering to be a Citizen Election Audit Monitor!

4 Easy Steps to Get Trained and Signed Up


The only requirement is that you must be a registered voter in Chicago or Cook County. 

If so then you may choose to help audit at either election division warehouse, Chicago or Cook County, or help out at both, on different days. 


You can volunteer for 1 day or any number of days. 

We really appreciate your community service!


Chicago Board of Elections: March 28 - April 7   8:30am - 5pm at 1869 W. Pershing Rd, near Wolcott

Cook County Election Division (Hawthorne Center):  March 22 - March 29, 6:45am - 3pm  at 4545 W. Cermak, near Kostner)



Step 1 

All Citizen Election Audit Monitors please watch this short informational

by clicking HERE 







Step 2 

 - If volunteering in Cook County please watch this training video

by clicking HERE

- If volunteering in Chicago please watch this short training video

by clicking HERE



Step 3  

Choose the date (s) that you wish to participate on the doodle calendars by clicking on the + participant, adding your name, and checking all the dates that you are available:

- If volunteering in Chicago use this doodle calendar

- If volunteering in Cook County use this doodle calendar


Step 4

Notify us that you are coming! 

Post to the Facebook event page for the date you have volunteered, either for Chicago or Cook County 

1. Your name (as it appears on your voter registration), and your email address

2. The intersection closest to your home and if you are driving and willing to share a ride with others to the audit.

- If volunteering in Chicago please go to this FB event page

- If volunteering in Cook County please go to this FB event page


If you are not on FB then please Email us this information to   cleancountcookcounty@gmail.com

1. Your name (as it appears on your voter registration), and your email address

2. The intersection closest to your home and if you are driving and willing to share a ride with others to the audit.

3. Day(s) you have volunteered, and for which election division - Chicago or Cook County


Election Integrity is essential to our democracy! 

Thanks for volunteering to assist with the auditing of our votes - you are doing your part by bringing more transparency to the process!

Poll Watching Tips

from Clean Count Cook County.org

Become a Poll Watcher Part 1 (5 mins) by clicking HERE





Become a Poll Watcher Part 2 (6 mins) by clicking HERE






We hope these Poll Watching Tips are helpful!

If you run into a problem on Election Day and can't get in touch with Election Central, (sometimes their phones are very busy), but you need an answer to a general question in the polling place then go ahead and send Dr. Lora Chamberlain from Clean Count Cook County a text - she will probably be able to answer your question on Election Day - text her at 773-486-7660 and she will respond ASAP!



Register to Vote:

The first step towards election integrity is to check your IL voter registration here.

Vote on Paper - Not Vapor!  Vote on Paper - It's Safer!

We ask that voters choose to vote on a real, re-countable, sturdy paper ballot.

Many races are now so close that recounts are necessary, if you vote on the electronic touch screen machines with the paper rolls on the side of the machine, it does not produce a real paper ballot that is easily recounted. We have personal experience observing the recounting of votes on the touch screen paper rolls, and it is not as easy as you would think to accurately recount those votes.


Voting during the Early Voting period does not offer you the choice of requesting a paper ballot, all Early Voting is on the electronic machines.


To vote on a real paper ballot you must vote on Election Day, in your local precinct,

or request a Vote By Mail ballot, to vote in the privacy of your own home.


The deadline for applying for a Vote By Mail ballot

is Thurs, March 15, 2018 at 5 pm

- Chicago voters go to www.Chicagoelections.com

- Sub. Cook County voters go to www.CookCountyClerk.com.



1) Become a Citizen Election Auditor:

Devote one day of your time to prevent election fraud during the 2018 election cycle. 

We need a public "army of eyes" to observe the election audit (5% re-tabulation) processes.


If you are a registered voter in Chicago or Cook County then we will train you via videos below, and have you schedule yourself to be a citizen monitor of our election audits, in either Chicago or Sub. Cook County, or both. Training takes minutes but we ask that you check on the accuracy of your voter registration here.


2) Join Our Group:


We are interested in expanding our group with like minded individuals.  

If you would like to attend our regular bimonthly meetings please contact us and we will be in touch with the times and locations for our meetings.

3) Are you going to be an official Election Judge, Equipment Manager or Election Coordinator in Chicago or Sub. Cook County:

If you go through the election judge, equipment manager or election coordinator training in either Chicago or Sub. Cook County then please drop us a note at CleanCountCookCounty@gmail.com telling us which (City,Ward, PCT), you will be working at. 


After you go through your training in Chicago or Sub.Cook County then check out our tips for poll watchers to learn how to spot Election Fraud:




In the near future we will post lobbying information about legislation in Springfield which will affect the integrity of our elections - please check back soon.


Together we can be effective and set a great example for other counties fighting for election integrity throughout the nation ~ Thank you!