Occupy Your Elections!

Register to Vote:

The first step towards election integrity is to check your IL voter registration here.

Vote on Paper - Not Vapor!  Vote on Paper - It's Safer!

We ask that voters choose to vote on a real, re-countable, sturdy paper ballot.

Many races are now so close that recounts are necessary, if you vote on the electronic touch screen machines with the paper rolls on the side of the machine, it does not produce a real paper ballot that is easily recounted. We have personal experience observing the recounting of votes on the touch screen paper rolls, and it is not as easy as you would think to accurately recount those votes.


Voting during the Early Voting period does not offer you the choice of requesting a paper ballot, all Early Voting is on the electronic machines.


To vote on a real paper ballot you must vote on Election Day, in your local precinct,

or request a Vote By Mail ballot, to vote in the privacy of your own home.

- Chicago voters go to www.Chicagoelections.com

- Sub. Cook County voters go to www.CookCountyClerk.com.



1) Become a Citizen Election Auditor:

Devote one day of your time to prevent election fraud during the 2018 election cycle. 

We need a public "army of eyes" to observe the election audit (5% re-tabulation) processes.


If you are a registered voter in Chicago or Cook County  you can schedule yourself to be a citizen monitor of our election audits, in either Chicago or Sub. Cook County, or both. Training takes minutes but we ask that you check on the accuracy of your voter registration here.

Then watch our instructive video Being an Audit Monitor by going to our video page and clicking here. 

2) Become a Poll Watcher for Your Favorite Candidate:

Contact your candidates campaign to determine if they need poll watchers on election day. Click here to watch our instructive video Become a Poll Watcher.

3) Do you want to be an Election Judge, Equipment Manager or Election Coordinator in Chicago or Suburban Cook County?

Click here to watch our instructive video  on our video page Become an Election Judge.

If you go through the election judge, equipment manager or election coordinator training in either Chicago or Sub. Cook County then check out our video Become a Poll Watcher here learn more tips on how to spot election fraud. Email us CleanCountCookCounty@gmail.com telling us which city/ward/precinct you will be working at.  

4) Join Our Group

After you go through your training in Chicago or Sub.Cook County then check out our tips for poll watchers to learn how to spot Election Fraud: 





Please go to our blog page for actions around lobbying for bills and ordinances pertaining to election integrity.


Together we can be effective and set a great example for other counties fighting for election integrity throughout the nation ~ Thank you!