• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Action needed for election integrity in IL 5/21 and 5/22

Urgent - please send emails to IL Dem. Senators about election integrity TONIGHT or TOMORROW AM - the House passed a far reaching election omnibus bill today without much election integrity - Please Act Right Now! Copy this email to a fresh email: May 21st, 2020 Dear IL Senator, I am a very concerned about the breakneck speed that SB 1863, Amdts 5, 6 and 7 were rushed through the IL House today. Could we please slow down a bit to have a debate about election integrity before we pass this massive election omnibus bill? I know this bill sunsets in Jan 2021, but once election changes are in place it is harder than heck to alter them for the next elections. Election reform usually happens at glacial speed! We are asking for 3 common sense election integrity amendments be added to this bill: 1) HAND MARKED PAPER BALLOTS should be available as an option in the Early Voting Centers for those voters who vote close to their home, at their local Early Voting Center. If you vote at a voting center / polling place close to your home you should be able to vote on a hand marked paper ballot and not have to vote on a non-hygienic, hackable voting machine or ballot marking device during Early Voting or on Election Day! If you choose to vote early in some location far from your home we can understand why they would not be able to store paper ballots for every voting district at every early voting center. But if you choose to vote early in the location close to your home then there is no reason why they cannot provide you a paper ballot to hand mark. Most early voters in Chicago vote at the Early Voting Center in their ward - it would require possibly 5 - 6 ballot styles being available in any one Early Voting Center - this is not too much to ask! Hand Marked Paper Ballots are more hygienic and faster to vote, moving the voters through the process faster, decreasing their exposure to others. Plus Hand Marked Paper Ballots have always been more secure - they are hand marked by the voter so most mistakes are identified, they are including in our 5% retabulation, and they provide for more reliable recounts. Voting on Paper is always Safer! 2) All Vote By Mail (VBM) ballots must be included in the 5% retabulation, post-election audits! In IL VBM ballots are NOT included in the 5% Retabulation – we ask that this be amended! There is no integrity with VBM ballots that are counted in the back room, and never audited. 3) Voters should be able to drop off their Vote By Mail ballots at the Early Voting Centers or Election Day polling places - either in a secure drop box or directly to the Election Judges. One provision in SB 1863 that is disturbing is that Vote By Mail ballots must be received by the election divisions by Election Day. Making sure the USPS delivers your Vote By Mail ballot back to the election division by a certain date is a hard thing for the voters to control - you know, "shit happens"! Most voters wait until the last minute - but they should not be disenfranchised for having busy lives. The voters should be able to drop off these VBM ballots at polling locations in secure ways instead of mailing them. Thank you for your consideration of these 3 requests that would improve the integrity of our elections. Sincerely, Sign your name! Here are the email addresses to send this email to: Aquino.senate2il@gmail.com, sbennett@spiroslaw.com, bertinotarrant@senatedem.illinois.gov, bush@senatedem.illinois.gov, collins@senatedem.illinois.gov, senatorcollins@sbcglobal.net, cullerton@senatedem.illinois.gov, cunningham@senatedem.illinois.gov, ellman@senatedem.illinois.gov, feigenholtz@senatedem.illinois.gov, laura@senatorfine.com, glowiakhilton@senatedem.illinois.gov, Obradley@senatedem.ilga.gov, dharmon@senatedem.illinois.gov, harmon@senatedem.illinois.gov, don@donharmon.org, info@lindaholmesforsenate.com, senatorhunter03@sbcglobal.net, joyce@senatedem.illinois.gov, koehler@senatedem.illinois.gov, landek@senatedem.illinois.gov, senatedistrict4@comcast.net, lightford@senatedem.ilga.gov, link@senatedem.illinois.gov, manar@senatedem.illinois.gov, martwick@senatedem.illinois.gov, mcguire@senatedem.illinois.gov, morrison@senatedem.illinois.gov, munoz@senatedem.illinois.gov, murphy@senatedem.illinois.gov, steans@senatedem.illinois.gov, hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov, wakannaforlife@gmail.com, villanueva@senatedem.illinois.gov, villivalem@senatedem.illinois.gov, info@senatorelgiesims.com

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