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Call Springfield Today to Oppose the Election Omnibus Bill SB 1863!

Please call 1-217-782-2000, (Springfield operator)

today, ask to be connected to your IL Rep and Sen, ask them to OPPOSE SB 1863, (an election omnibus bill, full of sausage)!

If you have to call after hours then fine - call your IL Rep and Sen and leave a message to OPPOSE SB 1863 at their district offices: https://elections.il.gov/ElectionOperations/DistrictLocator/DistrictOfficialSearchByAddress.aspx

Talking Points:

We stand with Clean Count Cook County and IL Ballot Integrity Project in their opposition of SB 1863:

- We need voter marked and verified paper ballots as the official ballot in Illinois.  We say "NO" to unreadable, proprietary bar codes or QR codes on our ballots!

- We need a ballot tracking system with a verifiable chain of custody, and real audits, for all mail-in ballots before we start sending them to voters who have not requested them!

- We need more oversight of our elections, not less – stop restricting election related FOIAs!

A large Election Omnibus Bill is on the agenda for the Veto Session starting on Oct 28th.

The bill was introduced by Sen Terry Link in the Senate and Rep. Greg Harris in the House.

SB1863 -- Ballot Marking Devices, (BMDs), will allow the use of proprietary bar codes / QR codes for counting our votes off of ballots rather than human created marks - voters can not verify what is actually being counted in the bar codes or QR codes!

There is no way for a voter to determine if the bar code/QR code is a true reflection of their choices. Report of BMD problems

Colorado has banned election machines using bar codes: www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/politics/colorado-qr-codes-votes/index.html

SB1863 -- Pilot program to mail "vote-by-mail" ballots to all those who requested one in the 2018 general election without the voter requesting it again. Issues with improperly maintained voter rolls, lack of security, no tracking system or chain of custody, provides a pool of ballots that can be accessed for fraud or coercion. No audits of mail in ballots in IL

This is the first step for Illinois to become an all vote by mail state. Chain of custody remains problematic for mail-in ballots, and voter rolls in IL seem to have difficulty determining voters who have moved away or died in a timely fashion. In IL mail-in ballots are not audited at all - so we will be driving blind!  IL has already experienced election fraud perpetrated with mail-in ballots: www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2017/1221/Voting-by-mail-grows-in-popularity-but-is-it-reliable

SB1863—Citizens cannot FOIA closed meeting information - this reverses needed transparency.  SB 1863 contains many new FOIA restrictions that are too broad.

SB1863 is problematic – elections are a public process – transparency and accountability are crucial!

Freedom of information Act (FOIA) requested items may NOT be disclosed by election authorities (EA) if the EA deems that requested items pose a risk to the electoral process

Requested information may be redacted if it is deemed disclosure would pose a risk

SB 1863 would inhibit FOIAs about: (from page 14)

Risk and vulnerability assessments

Security measures


Certifications of election machinery and processes**

Response policies


SB 1863's FOIA restrictions are too broad and arbitrary. FOIAs could be denied “for records that the disclosure of which would, in any way, constitute a risk to the proper administration of elections or voter registration... This exemption applies to records held by the State Board of Elections, the Department of Innovation and Technology, election authorities, and any other necessary party to protect the administration of elections.

WARNING TO IL VOTERS – ALL ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES AND TABULATORS POSE A RISK TO THE PROPER ADMINISTRATION OF ELECTIONS! Experts have repeatedly shown that all voting machines can be hacked, they all can have hidden software, all of them can be manipulated to facilitate election fraud – voters cannot be sure that their votes are counted as intended when counted by any voting machine with proprietary software!  This proven risk to the proper administration of our elections is continuously ignored by election officials!

SB 1863 would cause citizen generated requests for information regarding the

certification and testing of voting machines to be subject to NON-DISCLOSURE

– this is unacceptable!

It allows the election machine VENDORS, like ES&S, Dominion, Hart to continue to mislead the public and election officials about poor security, and faulty uncertified equipment/components. Vulnerabilities in their systems have been widely documented. Information sought about the security of Illinois voting machines is based on the findings from academic experts, published reports of persistent widespread voting machine malfunctions and testimony from Congress.

For example, ES&S lied that it had no information about installed wireless remote access software on their election machines until the company was subpoenaed by Congress and a hacker made the stolen software available online. ES&S still will not disclose all of the counties in the US that are equipped with remote access software. ES&S voting machines used in IL may still have the wireless, remote access as outlined this article: www.vice.com/en_us/article/mb4ezy/top-voting-machine-vendor-admits-it-installed-remote-access-software-on-systems-sold-to-states

In California all of the election machines were found to be vulnerable after a University of California review:www.tahoedailytribune.com/news/secretary-of-state-decertifies-some-electronic-voting-machines/ Would this type of information by exempt from a FOIA if SB 1863 passes?

ES&S installed experimental unauthorized software in Ohio in 2014: www.huffpost.com/entry/mia-in-voting-machine-war_b_2054411

Windows 7 is about to expire in Jan. leaving the majority of voting machines in the US vulnerable. Microsoft is giving “free patches” to election authorities. However, the election machines will now need to be re certified, a process that can take several months.  Voting machines may not have the patch certified for use in Illinois in time for the presidential primary - will information about this type of breach of election security be blocked from FOIAs? www.seattletimes.com/business/microsoft-free-windows-7-security-updates-for-2020-election/

There is some concern that electronic pollbooks used in Illinois are not certified? If not, why are they still being used? Would this information be exempt from disclosure by SB 1863 due to a "security" risk?

IL voters deserve transparency, verification, accuracy, and fairness in OUR elections - thanks for the calls in opposition to SB 1863!

Please share this email with your contacts!

Clean Count Cook County and Illinois Ballot Integrity Project

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