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Chicago and Cook County Voters–Please help with a Poll Tape Project to Validate The Vote on Nov3rd

We are CleanCountCookCounty.org, a local grass roots election integrity group asking for your help photographing poll tapes on the eve of Nov 3rd.

There will be sparse exit polling done this election day – just when we need it the most!

To provide statistics on this election, grass roots groups are coming together to photograph

poll tapes in swing states, and also in major metropolitan areas such as Chicagoland.

This is super easy – any registered Chicago or Sub. Cook County voter can help out:

1) email us to get credentials and additional info at CleanCountCookCounty@gmail.com – include your name, full address + zip, email, and the polling place that you vote in.

We will answer quickly!

2) go to your nearby polling place at 6:50p on Nov 3rd, hand the filled out credentials to the judges and tell them you are there for a poll tape,

3) wait while they finish with the voters and shut down the polls,

4) either collect a copy of the poll tape or photograph it right from the wall and send pics to us by email.

Data specialists will do the rest.

Thank you for helping us with this project!

A reminder of important voting info and dates:

Sun, Oct 18th, 11:59pm – is the deadline for online voter registration in IL - check your voter registration, register anew, or change your name or address, go to: https://ova.elections.il.gov/

If you miss this deadline then you can still register and vote at the same time, in person, during Early Voting, or on Election Day at your local precinct, it requires 2 pieces of ID - one with your new address on it.

In Chicago, Early Voting begins Wed, Oct 14th thru Nov 3rd - All Early Voting sites will also have secure ballot drop boxes inside for your vote by mail ballots - the drop boxes will be in a no wait area of the polling place.

Please wear face masks when going inside any polling place.

If you received a Vote By Mail ballot, it is safe to vote it - the process here in Chicago and Sub. Cook County appears to be working well, just drop it off at one of the secure drop boxes inside Early Voting centers, or inside some of the libraries, instead of the mail!

Remember to fill out your vote by mail ballots completely as per instructions,

including signing and filling out the external envelope, and closing the envelope, but please do not use tape on the envelope.

Chicago Early Voting locations and hours: www.chicagoelections.gov/en/early-voting.html

A full list of drop boxes in Chicago, including some within specific libraries:


In Sub. Cook County, Early Voting begins October 19 thru November 2 - All Early Voting sites will also have secure ballot drop boxes for your vote by mail ballots.


A full list of drop boxes in Sub. Cook County, including, some within specific libraries:


Chicago or Sub. Cook County Voters – if you would like to relinquish your Vote By Mail ballot and vote in person during Early Voting or on Election Day, then please bring your entire Vote By Mail ballot and the envelope with you to give to the election judge in order to vote a regular ballot.

Please don't forget to Vote The Judges - here is a fantastic website with well researched information that you will find useful: www.injusticewatch.org/

Thanks for voting from Clean Count Cook County!


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