• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Clean Count Cook County must cancel their monitoring of the audits in Chgo or Cook County this month

l regret to inform everyone that because of the risk of COVID - 19 Clean Count Cook County will not be monitoring the 5% retabulation (audits) in Chicago or Sub. Cook County this election season. Although it is tremendously important that we keep the election divisions honest by attending the audits, we simply cannot take the risk of having any of our volunteers get infected.

For meaningful observation of the audits it calls for us to stand very near the election workers, and basically look over their shoulders, so any social distancing cannot be maintained. Without that closeness we cannot get accurate data from these audits, so we would not be able to say anything relevant about the integrity of the elections results.

We regret that we have to make this announcement - stay tuned for further election integrity actions in the future.

We pray that COVID-19 gets under control and becomes a lessened risk for all humans, in all countries, very soon,

Dr. Lora Chamberlain

President, Clean Count Cook County

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