• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Dr. Lora of CCCC on "Redacted Tonight" with a clarion call for activists to "occupy their elections"

I was on Redacted Tonight VIP with Lee Camp on May 10th - I was putting out the call for a small army of activists to "occupy their elections" in every county, in order to be able to clean up the rampant election fraud.

We have significant evidence that at least 3 recent presidencies were stolen: Bush x 2 and Trump, plus the Democratic nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders, and many, many House and Senate seats appear to have been fraudulently decided as well since before 2000 - enough is enough!

I think we only have a couple of choices, fight for a real democracy or devolve into either totalitarianism or anarchy. I hope everyone chooses to fight for a real democracy - that fight is best fought right now, in your election jurisdiction, and in your state.

Here is the link to Lee Camp's Redacted Tonight on You Tube:

Here are the resources that I mentioned on the program: https://www.cleancountcookcounty.org/copy-of-take-action-2


Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Pres. Clean Count Cook County

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