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Help Clean Count Cook County protect the primary elections - this Tues, March 17th

Clean Count Cook County is asking for you to help protect the March 17th primaries, in Chicago and Sub. Cook County, by collecting a poll tape at the end of the evening on Election Day (arrival time 6:50p - staying till, approximately, 7:30p) from your local precinct.  You can wear a face mask and gloves, and we recommend that you to stay 10 ft from all of the judges and voters in the polls.

It is very helpful in our analysis of the IL primary elections to get as many poll tapes as possible at the close of the polls on Election Day, March 17th, from precincts throughout Chicago and Sub. Cook County.  This is easy to do and you do not need any significant training - if you are worried about coronavirus you can wear a face mask and gloves - here are the easy steps:

1) Pick up a signed credential for either Chicago or Sub. Cook County from Clare Tobin on Sunday, March 15th, from 6:30p - 9:30p at the Edgewater Mexican Cafe, 1055 W Bryn Mawr Ave, on the SE corner of Bryn Mawr and Winthrop, in Edgewater, Chicago. On Sunday, March 15th, we will be watching the Democratic Debates at the restaurant, come in and join us, or just stop in for the credential - if you are worried about coronavirus, you can just come into the restaurant for a couple of minutes with your mask and gloves on, to get the credentials - we will have washed our hands and we are all feeling well! Free parking is just south of the restaurant off Winthrop, (Winthrop is one way going south from Bryn Mawr, the first driveway off to the left at the south end of the restaurant is the entrance to the parking lot). Mass Trans:  The Bryn Mawr Red Line stop is just 1 block away, come out of the stop and go east to the restaurant. Bryn Mawr, Broadway, and Sheridan buses are all just a block away.

2) On Election Day, Tues, March 17th, you can go to your local precinct (or precincts if there are multiple precincts in one polling place) at 6:50p - plan to stay at least 40 - 60 minutes.  (You can wear a mask and gloves into the polling place.)  Take the signed and completed credential (or credentials if you have multiple precincts in your polling place), with you and bring your ID.  Present the credential (s) to the election judge that is least busy, and tell them you will be waiting for a poll tape - they may ask you for your ID, please show it to them, they will not take it - they simply must know who is in the polling place at all times.

3) Find a place, out of the way, where you can stand or sit and wait - please make sure you are not close to any election machinery or voters voting.  Some polling places have chairs set up for the poll watchers - please do not touch any official election material or machinery, thanks! Bring a book or magazine with you to read, because it is not allowed to pull out your phone in the polling place - in fact make sure the the sound has been silenced.  (If you have to make a call you must leave the polling place and go into the hall, foyer, or restroom to do so - tell the election judge or security guard that you are just stepping out for a minute so they will let you back in the room.)  4) When the voters have left and the election judges are packing up then go to one of the judges at the table and gently remind them that you are there for a poll tape - continue to wait, well out of the way of the election judges, until they get to that point where they are producing the poll tapes. You may have to wait for them to print several copies of the poll tape before your copy is produced.  If the election judges decide to tape one copy of the poll tape up on the wall for all to photograph then please do so with your phone - please take clear pictures and it might take multiple pictures to capture all of the data on the tape, label the picture with your precinct, such as Chicago, Ward 32, pct 20  or Cicero, Ward 3, pct 15. 5) Text the picture (s) to Dr. Lora at 773-486-7660.  Or drop off the labeled hard copy (s) of the poll tape (s) to 6341 N. Glenwood in an envelope with "Lora" on it, in the mail box on the front porch. Thank you for helping to protect our elections by gathering these poll tapes!  Questions? Contact Dr. Lora Chamberlain at drlora22@gmail.com or text 773-486-7660  or Clare Tobin at claretobin@yahoo.com or text 312-388-7946 Here is your cheat sheet: Arrive a Polling Place by 6:50 p.m. - one with at least 2 precincts. Plan to stay until 7:30 p.m. or until the results tape is printed up.Fill in credential form with your name and address, sign and give to one of the judges. Bring your ID to show.Wait quietly to the side, bring some reading material.  You may watch the closing procedures but do not interfere. Just make a note if there are any problems - eg. not able to transmit the results to Board of Elections.If they are unwilling to give you a tape - they are required to post the results tape on the wall.  Just take a good picture of all of the results - may need several photos to cover all results.Mark with Ward and Precinct and Polling Location on the Tape.Text your picture to Dr. Lora at 773-486-7660 or Drop the tape off at 6341 N. Glenwood, in an envelope marked Lora, by the following day if possible.Any questions email  Dr. Lora Chamberlain: drlora22@gmail.com or text (773) 486.7660 or Clare Tobin: claretobin@yahoo.com or text (312) 388.7946.

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