• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

IL voters, check for the type of voting equipment that you have in your county - it matters!

Clean Count Cook County recommends that all IL voters check to see if your county purchased new Ballot Marking Devices over the last couple of years.

Please go to this link and click on your county to see what types of voting equipment your county is using:


We are alerting voters across IL that their election divisions might be using BMDs or Ballot Marking Devices, for the March 17th, 2020 primaries. Clean Count Cook County does NOT recommend that you Early Vote on these new machines anywhere in Illinois during this election! Please stay away from Early Voting, where the only choice is to use these new Ballot Marking voting machines, and real paper ballots are not offered!

On these new machines, the voter makes his/her choices and a piece of paper is printed out with those choices on them. Very few voters verify that their choices are correctly displayed. But what makes these machines so risky is that a QR Code is also printed on these pieces of paper. That QR Code is what is really counted - voters can NOT verify what is being counted in this QR code. It is entirely possible that the programming of the machine could be tampered with and print out a voters choices correctly, but count something different.

We recommend that you wait to vote for March 17th, Election Day, go to your local precinct, ask for a real paper ballot, and hand mark it yourself! That way you will know what is really on your ballot when you cast it, and you do not have to "trust" another voting machine!

Please call your local election division to verify whether you will be able to hand mark a real paper ballot during Early Voting, for most of the counties in IL your only choice during Early Voting is to use the hackable machines!

Here are 4 articles from the computer experts that describe some of the problems:

The National Election Defense Coalition Opposes Adopting Ballot Marking Devices as the Primary Method of Voting https://www.electiondefense.org/ballot-marking-devices

BMDs are not meaningfully auditable https://freedom-to-tinker.com/2019/04/22/bmds-are-not-meaningfully-auditable/

Not enough voters detecting ballot errors and potential hacks, study finds https://news.engin.umich.edu/2020/01/new-study-finds-voters-not-detecting-ballot-errors-potential-hacks/

Ballot-Marking Devices (BMDs) Cannot Assure the Will of the Voters https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3375755

(This link nay be acting badly - I can find a hot version of it when I search in my browser for "Ballot-Marking Devices cannot assure the will of the voters" - but then it occasionally goes cold when posted on social media or this blog - it is a definitive article so well worth the search)

Please make sure you have checked that your voter registration is correct before March 1st here: https://ova.elections.il.gov/RegistrationLookup.aspx

Have fun voting on March 17th, 2020!

Dr. Lora Chamberlain

President, Clean Count Cook County

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