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Voter in IL and worried about coronavirus? - Request Your Vote By Mail Ballot Today!

Hey Illinoisans - worried about coronavirus?

You can request a Vote-By-Mail ballot up until the end of tomorrow, March 12th. If you are concerned, or a member of the vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, then it might be wise to Vote By Mail.

Go to your election division online to fill out an application right now.

In Chicago go to: https://app.chicagoelections.com/pages/en/vote-by-mail.aspx

In Sub. Cook County go to: https://www.cookcountyclerk.com/agency/vote-mail

Vote-By-Mail ballots are paper ballots so that is great - the down side is that they are not audited in IL. But if you want to vote on Vote By Mail then apply right now!

I am going to go to the polls on Tues, March 17th and I will keep my distances from others, I will wear gloves to fill out my ballot. Plus I might wear a face mask to cut my exposure as well. Then when I leave the polls I will wash my hands. There are many things you can do to protect yourself, so Please Vote - don't let fear keep you from exercising your right to Vote!

Election Day Voting on a real, hand-marked paper ballot or Vote By Mail are both much better choices than going to Early Vote on the hackable machines with their hackable QR Codes or Bar Codes! Plus who wants to touch voting machines that have been used by others? Yuck! VOTE ON PAPER, IT IS SAFER!

Thx for voting, and please share this info with your IL contacts - thanks!

Clean Count Cook County

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