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March 13th, 9:30am, the Chicago Board of Elections Meeting - Join Us In Protesting The "Chicago Way"

Hello Chicago Voters - there is now only 1 post-election meeting at the Chicago Board of Elections, the proclamation of results at 9:30 am on March 13, 2019 in the Board's 8th Floor offices at 69 W. Washington St - but they do have PUBLIC COMMENTS at this meeting.

Please join us as we go in and talk to the Board Members about some of our complaints about these Chicago Municipal Elections - IF YOU SAW SOMETHING ON ELECTION DAY AND YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN THEN THIS MEETING IS THE TIME TO DO SO - here are some of our complaints:

1) Why do they continue to let the Aldermen, and Committeemen who are tied to the Aldermen, pick the election judges in these wards? That is like one team in the Superbowl getting to pick the referees. We received reports of election judges illegally acting FOR the incumbent and against the challengers in Wards 6th, 12th, 18th, 26th, 34th, and 40th and we are sure there are many more complaints out there that we did not hear about. Why can't the election judges, appointed by the Committeemen, be randomly assigned to precincts outside their ward? - This is just common sense, outside the ward they will not be so tempted to cause so many problems!

2) Some of the Election Investigators sent out by the Chicago Board of Elections, on Election Day, to mediate complaints from the precincts are retired or off duty Cops that do not know a thing about election law or election processes - sometimes they have serious ties to the Aldermen - this is completely inappropriate! The Election Investigators should NOT be COPS, and they MUST have knowledge about election law and election processes!

3) On Election Day, In the 40th Ward, at the 24th District Police Station polling place, a Police Sergent physically threw out a challenger's poll watcher just for asking Ald. O'Connor to step out of the doorway and allow the voters to pass into the polling place, for that he was physically assaulted by a Cop! The Cops do not have good boundaries around the elections - they do not understand that they do not have any jurisdiction in the polling places. So when the Police Stations ARE the polling places, (20 precincts across Chicago), then we are just asking for election manipulation to occur. Plus, how many Chicago residents are intimidated by having to go to the Police Stations to vote? Especially if the Cops are endorsing one specific candidate -- NO POLLING PLACES WITHIN POLICE STATIONS!

This is just a short list of some of our complaints - what aspect of our election processes do you want to complain about? See ya March 13th!

Dr. Lora

Pres. Clean Count Cook County

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