• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Next CCCC meeting is Monday, Sept 10th in north Chicago, near Peterson and Western

The Next CCCC meeting is Monday, Sept 10th, 7p, at Clare Tobin's house at 5858 N. Talman, parking plentiful and free on the street - bring a snack to share if you would like.


1) the ongoing challenges to the Term Limits referendum at the CBOE - attending the CBOE Sept 11th 9:30a, 69 W. Washington

2) Our meeting with Noah Praetz of David Orr's office

- follow up meeting with Karen Yarbrough?

- first draft of a Risk Limiting Audit bill?

3) The Nov election audits and election protection for the Feb, Chicago municipal election - attending future CBOE meetings

4) The Secure Our Elections Act

If It Doesn't Have Paper Backups and Automatic Audits, It's Not an Election Security Bill


5) Additions?

See ya there, Dr. Lora

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