• Dr. Lora Chamberlain


Jim Allen the PR spokesperson for the Chicago Board of Elections just lied on the Dick Kay radio show on WCPT today, Saturday, 10/27 - he said that during Chicago's post election audits they have never found 1 vote that was different on the paper trail than what the electronic voting machines said they counted - this is a lie!

Members of Clean Count Cook County came together with other Chicago voters to sue the Chicago Board of Elections for exactly that problem after the primaries in March, 2016 - the reported results were not matching what the audit was saying was on the paper trails from the same machines. But there was a huge cover up, which all of us, citizen auditors, witnessed, and some of them sued about it - lasting in court for 1 and 1/2 years until their money ran out and they did not have the funds to appeal.

After the Nov 2016 elections Clean Count Cook County went back into the Chicago Board of Elections audits. This time they changed their audit procedures a bit in response to our law suit, but they had such a hard time auditing the voting machine paper trails, never getting a reconciled audit on many of the electronic voting machines, that they ran out of time and had to report to the Illinois State Board of Elections that they could not reconcile over 2200 ballot positions and simply wrote a report about the failure of the audit of our votes that election - that was it - no investigations occurred, nor were they reprimanded at all - just "Sorry, can't make the vote counts match!".

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about our democracy in Chicago doesn't it! PLEASE VOTE ON PAPER - IT IS SAFER!!!

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