• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Rauner Vetoed the IL "Get Out of the Cross Check system" Bill - But All Is Not Lost

FYI - Gov. Rauner vetoed the bill to remove IL from the Cross Check system but the IL State Board of Elections is still reviewing some security concerns about the Cross Check system.

The ISBOE has not had their questions answered by Kansas as of my call to the ISBOE today, 7/20, so until they do get some answers IL will not share any IL data with Cross Check or use any Cross Check data to flag any Illinois voters.

But we, activists, want IL to withdraw from Cross Check completely to undermine this racist voter purging system so we may have to override Rauner's veto to get out of this pile of Kris Kobach trash - Please call your State Rep and Sens at 1-217-782-2000 and ask them to vote to over ride Rauner's veto during the Fall session.



Dr. Lora

Related story: https://will.illinois.edu/news/story/with-tie-vote-elections-board-keeps-illinois-in-crosscheck-voter-database

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