• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Shame on Gov. Pritzker for the mess that occurred in the IL primaries on March 17th!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

COVID-19 has been a tremendous blow to our people, our communities, our economy and our democracy - Please call your Congress Critters, 1-202-225-3121 and your IL Rep and Sen, 1-217-782-2000, and tell them that the pandemic interruption of our elections here in IL was NOT handled well by the Governor at all, and is unacceptable! We call foul!

Our democracy is precious - Clean Count Cook County does not appreciate the Governor avoiding the cancellation of the March 17th in person voting and the extension of Vote By Mail for several weeks. Voters were absolutely suppressed and terrorized by the Governor the weekend before Election Day about a pending "lock down" of the state. But then he allowed in person voting to continue on Tues, March 17th - with a collapse of social distancing in many, many, many precincts all across Chgo and Cook County, increasing the cross contamination of many of our neighbors!

The voters had no choice, March 12th was the last day to apply for a Vote By Mail ballot and 1 - 2 days later the Governor was talking about a "lock down", so all of the voters who missed the deadline for Vote By Mail either stayed home in fear or came into the polls and had to stand in hours long lines without infection control! Unacceptable!

On Election Day here in Chicago, more than 200 precincts were closed over night and a note was left on the door for voters to go to a nearby, make-shift, extended early voting site. Many voters and disabled voters would not have the time or capability to then drive to another location. No paper ballots were available at these condensed, multi-precinct extended early voting sites scattered across the city - which is illegal per IL election code. The voters in these sites encountered long lines (2 - 4 hours)l, no social distancing, and very little infection control!

If Clean Count Cook County had its way, we would have extended Vote By Mail for at least 2 weeks and cancelled the March 17th Election Day in person voting! Shame on Gov. Pritzker! We call FOUL on the results of the primary elections! Gov. Pritzker - voter suppression and abuse, no matter what the reason, is unacceptable!

Also now that there is a "lock down", any monitoring of the post-election canvassing of the election results is impossible - we do NOT trust the unobserved post-election canvassing and 5% re-tabulation of our votes!

We cry "FOUL" at the March 17th primaries! We call for a "DO-OVER" with Vote By Mail ballots as soon as the pandemic eases up - if any of the candidates who were on the ballot file challenges to the election results we commend them - these primaries made IL appear like a Banana Republic! Illinoisans deserve better!

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