• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Urgent, Witness Slip As An Opponent to SB 1863 Tonight - an election omnibus bill full of sausage!

SB 1863 is an election omnibus bill that is full of smelly sausage, we have been sending you emails asking you to call Springfield against this bill for approximately 2 weeks - may we please ask you to do one more thing?  Please fill out a witness slip against this bill tonight - thanks!

Clean Count Cook County and IL Ballot Integrity Project have united in their opposition to SB 1863:

- SB 1863 allows bar codes or QR codes to be printed on our ballots by Ballot Marking Devices, and used as the vehicle by which our votes are counted.  The voters can not verify what is printed in these bar codes or QR codes - software hacks could cause these codes to misrepresent the voters' choices.  Election integrity experts agree that we need voter marked and verified paper ballots as our official ballots.  We say "NO" to unreadable, unverifiable, proprietary bar codes or QR codes produced by Ballot Marking Devices used to count our votes!

- SB 1863 would create a permanent vote by mail status causing ballots to be automatically sent to mail-in voters for future elections.  No matter if they have moved away, passed away, become incapacitated or disinterested in voting, and their status has not caught up with the election division.  IL needs a ballot tracking system with a verifiable chain of custody and real audits, for all mail-in ballots, before we start sending them to voters who have not requested them!

- SB 1863 would allow election officials to deny FOIAs from citizen oversight groups such as ours for the blanket reason of "cybersecurity".  We need more oversight of our elections, not less – a third party arbiter of these FOIAs should be named such as the Inspector General of each county, until then we ask the General Assembly to stop restricting election related FOIAs!

Here is the link for the witness slip - please fill it out as an OPPONENT of Amendment 4 (HFA 4) of SB 1863: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/119533?committeeHearingId=17485&LegislationId=119533&LegislationDocumentId=155563

Now sure how to complete a Witness Slip? Section I: Fill out your information. Under Firm/Business or Agency, enter "Self" if those do not apply.Section II: If you represent an organization, put the name here. If you don't, just write "self"Section III: Choose "Opponent"Section IV: Choose “Record of Appearance Only”Click the box that says "I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement"Click the button that says “Create(Slip)”

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