• Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Voters Could Have Had Election Integrity AND Protection Against The Virus on Election Day in IL!

Clean Count Cook County's friend, Kit Cabello, of Chicago's Hard Lens Media, was on the Jimmy Dore show this past week - Congrats Kit - great job! Thanks to Kit for the call out for Clean Count Cook County during this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reya4KA-lP8&

A note of response from Clean Count Cook County - we hold very little responsibility for the debacle of the March 17th primary elections here in IL!  Our election integrity campaign to encourage Chicago and Cook County voters to vote on a paper ballot on Election Day was started WELL BEFORE the coronavirus cases were seen in IL. We then pivoted to trying to get people to request a vote by mail ballot, and for the Governor to extend the vote by mail deadlines.

If you remember correctly, the time immediately before the March 17th elections was crazy, with Pritzker changing his directives almost hourly! Plus, Clean Count Cook County had NOTHING to do with the Chicago Board of Elections (CBOE) deciding AGAINST providing any PPE for their poll workers AND the voters, or enforcing social distancing at their voting sites!  If the Governor, the Mayor, and the CBOE, would have decided differently, there would have been many more protections for Chicagoans on Election Day.  And Chicago might not have seen the distressing death of a poll worker, and possible infection of other Chicago voters: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/multiple-chicago-primary-poll-workers-later-fell-ill-with-covid-19-one-poll-worker-died/ar-BB12zJcI

Clean Count Cook County expresses our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the city and poll worker, Revall Burke, who passed.

I knew that we were in trouble in Chicago on Election Day when I walked into the Truman College huge 7 precinct mega voting site, to see 1 face mask in the entire voting site.  All they had was hand sanitizer.  There was a consistent 2 hour wait to vote at this site and they had the packed line snaking back and forth "contained" in a small room rather than allowing the voters to stretch out down the hall, (which could have easily been done), so they could distance from each other while waiting.  My requests for them to allow the voters to wait in the hall fell on deaf ears.  ALL of these decisions that jeopardized voters and poll workers, on the part of the Chicago Board of Elections, had NOTHING to do with the work for election integrity at Clean Count Cook County!

Voting on Election Day on a hand marked paper ballot is still THE most secure way to vote in Chicago, because of the serious and persistent election manipulation that we see out of the Chicago Board of Elections. I am absolutely positive that when Chicago voters vote they DO want their votes to be counted accurately!  Vote By Mail is a distant 2nd for election integrity because it is virtually unobservable by the candidates and poll watchers, and Vote By Mail ballots are completely left out of the audits in IL per the laws passed by Speaker Madigan and the State Legislators.  With Vote By Mail, we are asked AGAIN to trust the unveriable vote counts by the Chicago Board of Elections.  We are told to TRUST that their vote counts and processing of our ballots are accurate and thorough - Clean Count Cook County does NOT recommend that Chicago voters trust the Chicago Board of Elections, based on our decades of experience to the contrast!

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