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Voters - Please Take 3 Actions to Protect Your Vote!

Voters - Please Take 3 Actions to Protect Your Vote! 1) Check your voter registration, carefully, on line today. If there are any mistakes then correct them and take a screen shot or picture of your registration on your computer or phone. Then please check your voter registration again 30 - 35 days prior to your primaries - this is important! If there are any problems then call or go to your election jurisdiction in person, with your screen shot / picture to get back on the voter rolls asap. Please check your voter registration – and share this info with your contacts!

2) Also, please vote on a Voter Marked Paper Ballot, not a machine marked ballot! This usually means voting on Election Day here in IL and asking for a paper ballot, in other states it may be different. Early Voting in Chicago and Cook County, and many other election jurisdictions, is only on the hackable voting machines. In Chicago and Cook County the new ballot marking voting machines produce a piece of paper, but they count your vote via a hackable QR Code that you cannot verify. There are many problems with these new ballot marking voting machines (BMDs): papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3375755 In IL Vote By Mail ballots are never audited – so it is a pool of ballots completely open to fraud.

Please prepare yourself to vote on Election Day on a Voter Marked Paper Paper - for the shortest lines at the polls go from 9am to 11am.

(On this same topic, please call your IL Rep and Sen, 1-217-782-2000, to vote NO on SB 1863 which allows Ballot Marking Voting Machines (BMDs) to use QR codes/bar codes on ballots to record and tally your vote, we say "NO" to unreadable, unverifiable, proprietary bar codes or QR codes used to count our votes!)

3) Lastly, please go to www.cleancountcookcounty.org to sign up to be an election audit monitor - 1 day of your time donated to make sure the election jurisdictions are counting our votes accurately is a wonderful public service

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