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Become a Poll Watcher!

Clean Count Cook County President Dr. Lora Chamberlain and Illinois Ballot Integrity member Clare Tobin give instructions on how to be a poll watcher in Chicago and Suburban Cook County 

during the elections this February and April.  It's not hard to do and an important citizen action for protecting our democracy!

Correction Note - at 1:32 min the subtitle should read "you will need a separate credential for each precinct you monitor"

Being An Audit Monitor

Clean Count Cook County President

Dr. Lora Chamberlain and Illinois Ballet Integrity member Clare Tobin encourage you to volunteer for the 5% post election audit in Chicago and Suburban Cook County following the Feb and April elections. It is easy to do and a great help bringing transparency to our elections.

Become an Election Judge

Find out how to sign up.  You get paid $190 - $350 for the day.  Being judge provides an important community service!

Watch This May 2018 

Redacted Tonight Episode!

Lee Camp interviews Clean Count Cook County president and national election integrity expert Lora Chamberlain about huge holes in our voting system going into the 2018 November elections - critical!

Interview with CCCC


Dr. Lora Chamberlain


Find out all the important things you need to know about what can be done to stop Election Fraud in Chicago and Cook County.  This Hard Lens Media interview from Feb 2018 lets you know everything necessary to protect the vote for upcoming elections!

"I Hacked an Election.

So Can the Russians."

This video shows the hacking of electronic voting machines and an election made simple by Dr. Alex Halderman - Computer Science Professor at the University of Michigan. This proves that voting on paper is safer!